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Jul 3, 2011 7:00pm EDT
their hands. at( situation that could only end badlyçó until the navy smis arrived.lpw3 tonight in a écial "dateline" -- >> i was afraid for the entire time. >> rarely seen the stand-off. the hour by hour details of the s7 captain's battle of wits with somali pirates.xd >> i told them, you're never going to makeq it out of here. they're never going to pay yourq ransom. we're all going to buy on this Ñi boat. >> and you'll hear from the president himselft( aboutçó decision that's broughtt( rich philips home alive. trying to coordinate all u.s. power to figure outÑi how to free him. >> good to bexd back on the ship. >> to many, he is aok national hero. yet to some he is the captain who recklessly sailed into harm's way.lpw3 when hisg captain's duty was published last year, i sat downui him at the intrepid sea air and space museum in new york. >> if someone described your style in terms of being a son of a [ bleep xé >> i'm tough. i don't know Ñiso. i'm tough. >> tough but when he can be, a homebody. he and his wife andrea live about as far from the dangersq o&p piracy as you can
Jul 1, 2011 12:00pm EDT
falsely imprisoned? >> i was older. i was 29 years old. i was fresh out of the navy. i had done seven years in the navy. i was working for a fortune 500 company in the suburbs. there's a knock on my door and it is the police. a white woman had been sexually assaulted by a black male. i am the only one in this high rent complex. i am also in the army reserves. on top of that, i am a college they knock -- i am a psychologist didn't. then knock on my door and i think, it cannot be me. they said to give them my clothes. take it. i can help you in any way i can. not a problem. they came back and said, come down, we want to talk with you. i said, no problem. i went down there and they took my photo i.d. from my job and said that the woman identified your photograph. i am the only one in the photographs line up with a necktie on. i am the only one who could afford to stay there where i work. to make a long story short, i found myself indicted in front of a jury that convicted me with no evidence and i was just shocked. my mother hired an appellate attorney. he was telling me all the time tha
Jul 19, 2011 12:00pm EDT
nearly $15 million of a military project, a four-lane divided highway. the navy describes this as a first in a series of what will be increasingly expensive projects required to enable the navy to create a second home port for aircraft carriers on the east coast. the second amendment would eliminate approximately $15 million for architectural planning and design services for a number of follow-on military construction projects at mayport tide, again to carrier home porting. mr. president, this is a sphreupry slope. the -- slippery slope. the navy says it will cost more than $500 million in onetime costs to home port a nuclear-powered aircraft calfier in mayport. other recurring costs would push the expense much higher. in fact, there are estimates that this cost could achieve more than $1 billion by the end of this decade. the reason for filing this amendment is straightforward. we owe it to the american taxpayers. and we also owe it to the integrity of our d.o.d. budget process. the department of defense has been directed to achieve reductions in defense spending totaling hundreds
Jul 31, 2011 11:00am EDT
really quickly. ordinary for an operation like that the navy would have made one aircrafta carriers available, but instead it was uss keer sarge that responded, flying to mission as day over the early part of the vision and formed a fairly potent strike force. what were some of the lessons learned in that operation and what does it tell us about how we should be using these big amphibious ships in the future? >> i think it is a testimony to the big deck amphibians. right now we have 11. navy has 11 cbn aircraft carriers, so our nation at large has 22 large deck what i call capital ships. >> power projection ships? >> power projection ships. ships that can influence the action. so we have 11 -- excuse me, 22 now and each one of them have fixed wing airplanes on them and i think the key lesson for everybody is the value of having 11 -- excuse me 22 versus 11, should we go down the road somewhere and we end up losing our stonewall capabilities, then our nations instead of having 22 ships where you can fly fixed wings, you only have 11 and our capability will be half so i think that's a
Jul 8, 2011 6:00am PDT
boat capsized the coast guard and the mexican navy will extend the search. what they found was a lot of debris in the water and the mexican navy confirmed their raft, and did come from the capsized boat >> some of the survivors will be back in the bay area where in >> the man that organized the trip is name is don holy he is still lost at sea. once he returns we will try and get an interview with kempethem. this is video they posted on the men are good friends and went on many of fishing expeditions before to kroger always came out of nowhere and it only took minutes until the boat went down. he never saw don lee after the boat capsized his family is still holding out hope the mexican navy and the u.s. coastguard are still continuing and there search the makeover down 200 ft. to the boat perhaps at the men are still trapped at sea. >> you said a few days ago that if the search was suspended the family was going to take action to let her begin their own investigation. >> they have surged over a thousand square miles they know the search cannot go on forever they will h
Jul 12, 2011 12:30am PDT
the navy pier shipyard project. in december of 2009, the restoration advisory board held a vote of no-confidence in her. rather than taking these concerns seriously, the navy entirely. there has been a consistent practice of environmental racism. black, latino, samoan, and lower-income children have been impacted by the health effects. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. >> i want to thank you all for having this hearing today. we released a report as part of a coalition. 30 organizations nationally signed on. we did a freedom of information act request that went back to 2006. we reviewed hundreds of females that were going back and forth between the department of public health related to environmental review of the shipyard. i brought videotapes. hundreds of people were coming down here. we were door-knocking. people were getting rashes, nosebleeds. it was literally plumes of dust coming over the community. it has been documented that throughout that time, lenar was not monitoring the dust. they did not have data. they said they forgot to put batteries in air monito
Jul 30, 2011 12:30am EDT
now being forced to retirr from the navy. nowak 3&pbaak in 2007.. rrsecutors say pshe assaulted another woman... after driving frrm housson to orlanno.. reportedly weariig a from the navy s "other than hooorable," witt a reduced 3 3 3 record breakinggheat bakes baltimoreeagain... and we're not done yet po attend the little italty film festivall. temps in he 900s means about half the people arr ttending. it was a record breaking scorcher today with a heat index of 110. -3 3 p it's beee a long ime -3 getting backkto 1952 ---- oc - in little italy italy &p this ii the fifth week of the little italy film estival. it runs veryyfriday until the end of august 3 bge crees are keeping a close watchhon energy ussge... to avoid a blackout.they don't plan to activate tte "peak rewards" program... which came under fire last week... -3 customers complaineddwhhn the company cycled off their air condiiioning on a day when ddgreesthis time ... bge put out a warning... in advance. pwhat we did in advance of any potential activation.... oq: keep in mind your part of this voluntary program." progra
Jul 26, 2011 1:35am EDT
the class. craig: did you do that scratchy -- >> it's from the navy. craig: you can't be scratching you're like that. >> i can do whatever i want. craig: yes, you can. >> i got ticks for crying outloud. craig: don't do that again. >> so annoying. craig: hey, listen, the standup tour, you're going out and playing the mohegan sun. >> those indian places are great. craig: be careful please. >> those shows are great. especially when they go -- i don't mind doing the show. but the audience are doing -- craig: cbs, in no way endorses the views of mr. rickles. >> can i talk, i'm a guest? what the hell is this? a tournament? you've got to fight to talk with this guy for crying out loud. nice to see you. are you japanese -- chinese -- >> yeah. we jews we love you. especially on sunday. craig: knock it off. knock it off. >> china, very pretty girls. craig: you can't talk to the chinese like that, we owe them money. >> as long as they keep doing the landry, everything's good. hey! hey! like he says. for money you're paying, that's a funny joke. jeez -- craig: talk to me about doing the standup
Jul 4, 2011 9:00pm CDT
display at navy pier >> who says that you need to have fireworks on the third of july nobody thinking of that today only about the anticipation of the july 4th fireworks on at navy pier brewing all day long, is exciting >> it is, i am looking forward to fireworks the big explosive ones that go high in the air >> have you ever been to navy pier before for that? >> yes >> you have good seats all right let's look at these guys people are taking pictures of me is very weird do not run away you come here all of the time? >> first time on the navy pier for the fireworks on the fourth of july >> did you go to the bonds on july 3rd before? >> just drove it today >> have a good time? have you been out here all day long? >> all day long have been a great time >> look at their territory right there that is their territory and cupcake, you guys came in from rockport? >> yes we try to get off camera >> sorry we got you, excited about the fireworks? >> they do not have them anywhere, we are looking for to them for awhile >> in july and to thank you happy july 4th to you this is the east end of the nav
Jul 28, 2011 11:00pm EDT
cemetery next thursday. >>> the first african-american to fly in the navy was honored tonight during a celebration at the u.s. navy memorial. the navy hosted a special film screening of jes ri leroy brown. he became an aviator in 1948. two years later, he was killed in the korean war when his plane was hit by enemy fire. he was awarded the distinguished flying cross. speaking at the event tonight was captain thomas hudner, jr., who tried to rescue brown when that plane was shot down. >>> veronica's back with more about our weather and the -- >> nasty conditions? yes. it's just going to last for one day. >> that's very helpful. >> but tell you what, just looking at the numbers, this summer really getting on par with last summer. we've had three 100-degree days. tomorrow likely to be the fourth. tomorrow we could even set a new record high temperature. not anything that we really want to be excited about. got up to 95 degrees today. the average high, 88. we just keep doing it. we keep seeing the numbers, the high temperature above the average high. there's a look at tomorrow's high, 99 d
FOX News
Jul 8, 2011 6:00pm EDT
deition will be the last. still ahead the navy feels the effect of the jobs crunch. first, still trying to find out who knew what when about operation fast and furious? there's another way litter box dust:e purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. >> bret: we have an jut date on the federal law enforcement program known as operation fast and furious that put guns in the hands of criminals. correspondent william la jeunesse report on what we know about what the higher-ups say they knew. >> it's not acceptable. >> that was eric holder in march three weeks after fox news said gun found at murder seen of a border patrol agent was sold to agency he supervised, the a.t.f. >> when did you know about the program called fast and furious? >> not sure of the fact date but i heard about the fast and furious for the first time in last few weeks. >> holder claimed he didn't know about fast and furious, though - atf's sensitive operation. >> the sides of the operation was so huge, so tremendo
Jul 28, 2011 6:00pm PDT
the navy? >>> and atv for the monster of the sea. hard to miss but almost impossible to find. how you can help scientists make some history. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tonight in washington d- >>> and our top story at 6:30, the drama playing out tonight in washington, d.c. even now they are on standby to possibly vote on one plan to raise the debt limit. that vote in the house is on hold. the republican speaker is still trying to round up enough votes. jay dow is on capitol hill with more. yes or no are they going to vote tonight? >> reporter: we just don't know, dana. good evening to you. and we have no official confirmation if the delay in voting on speaker boehner's plan is the result of some kind of political play to push this vote back closer to an august 2 deadline and therefore pressure democrats or if this is because of a lack of republican support for the bill. in any case, republicans are still hoping to vote sometime this evening. >>> reporter: house speaker john boehner's rewritten debt plan is up for a vote on the house floor. >> let's pass this bill and end this crisis. >> rep
Jul 4, 2011 10:00pm PDT
are out on a deep sea fishing expedition, but the mexican navy is looking for several men missing after that boat capsized and sank. 43 people were on board that 115-foot charter. 27 passengers and 16 crew members. most of the passengers are from northern california. one of them is confirmed dead tonight. seven others still missing. the boat sank in the sea of cortez south of the town of san felipe. sharon chin talked to a number of men on board and will tell you about four bay area brothers who go on this trip every year. helping the mexican navy tonight. joe. >> most of these guys are from the bay area. they drove down to mexico, got on a boat for what was supposed to be their annual fourth of july fun and adventure, but instead it turned into an international rescue effort as well as a harrowing story of survival. >> their skin is scorched. their body is exhausted. these photos from mexican tv showed the survivors. they just spent more than 15 hours on the water, clinging to life vests and even coolers. most, but not all, made it back to land. the mexican navy requested help fr
Jul 5, 2011 4:00am EDT
its 236th birthday. >>> good morning. the mexican navy is still holding out hope for survivors after that horrifying accident off the coast. seven u.s. tourists are still ssing but officials say t t weather may be working in their favor. >> let's hope so. those who survive reasonable doubt telling harrowing stories of being afloat for hours before being rescued. john hendren is joining us with new details on this. an incredible story. >> reporter: it is, peggy. good morning. the fishing vessel is called "the erik" built in holland so it had stabilizers to handle the north sea but no match for what's being described as a the american tourists got their most chilling wake-up call ever. >> passengers were awaken by other passengers and crew members and alerted that the ship was sinking. >> reporter: survivor charles gibson said it was in the dead of night. >> extremely large winds and water contributed to the dangerous conditions most likely causing the ship to take on water and sink. passengers were in the water for over 16 hours. >> reporter: the boat left san felipe for a seven-day f
Jul 8, 2011 11:00pm EDT
in the military which is forcing the navy for the first time ever to fire petty officers. in august the navy will convene a board that will eliminate 3,000 positions. that's about 1% of the force. >> there's no retirement for them and there's no severance. >> the quickest way to reduce the budget for the military is to cut people because they can be pulled out of the ranks immediately and the savings are immediate. >> the air force retention rates are also up, but the six year high is causing it to convene a similar reduction in force. the air force will review the records of more than 9,000 officers. about 400 will be let go. >>> atlantis has liftoff bringing an end to nasa's shuttle program. what's the future of man's space travel? we'll take a look at the possibilities. >>> how you heal mentally -- how you feel mentally during your pregnancy could have an effect on how your child does physically in the years to come. >>> and after your next workout you might want to try a childhood favorite. two new studies say low fat chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink. researchers say
Jul 4, 2011 5:00am EDT
mexican navy. what do you know right now about the survivors and who you're looking for? all right. we're going to get her back in a second. having a technical problem getting hold of her. what we do understand is that of the 42 people on board about 21 have been rescued. 16 of them americans and 5 of them mexicans. we're still getting detail coming in but we're going to get back to the coast guard momentarily. >>> more news right now that you're going to hear about today. it is 4th of july. it is a holiday. the jury in the casey anthony murder trial has a job to do. the deliberations over her guilt or innocence are expected to begin in a few more hours. first the prosecution has some rebutting to do. the defense claims the state did not prove that casey anthony killed her daughter caylee. but they played with the jury's emotions. >> you see the strategy behind that is, is if you hate her, if you think she's a lying no good slut, then you'll start to look at this evidence in a different light. you'll start to, oh, wait a minute, maybe i'm seeing something that's not there, and star
Jul 8, 2011 7:00am PDT
in the coast of california. the coastguard and mexican navy will extend the search beyond the usual 96 hour window. members of the coastguard search for of the six hours' debate in nazi-130 cargo plane. they were searching for any signs of the missing seven. -- the coast guard searched for six hours yesterday in that sea-130 cargo plane. they did find a brief in the water. there was also a raft found on that was confirmed from the boat. they have surged 1,400 mi. of ocean and land. the two men who survived the capsulized to both accidents are expected to return to the bay area this morning. >> will tran is live with more. >> the owner of the yellow jeep left with two men on the trip, but he is the only one heading back. here is to video that family posted on youtube showing their previous fishing expedition. the organizer don lee has organized this for about a year. his niece told the senate are holding out hope. it has been a difficult week -- his niece told me that they are holding out hope. it has been a difficult week. the u.s. military, coast guard and mexican navy, who knows w
Jul 22, 2011 11:00pm PDT
combat, experience and training matter. he's gay and served 28 months with the navy in the middle east. he says don't ask, don't tell is an isolating policy that interferes with unit cohesion. >> you know that the last people that you're going to be with and the people that are truly the biggest part of your life don't know who you are, that's very hard. >> reporter: he worked as a handler for a bomb sniffing dog but says handling explosives wasn't his biggest concern, his future was. some in his unit turned on him. the navy investigated abuse and harassment. his dream of becoming a military officer was in jeopardy. >> it was much harder trying to -- trying to keep secret what i wasn't overtly putting out there. that had the potential to ruin my career, especially i was applying for the naval academy to commission as a marine corps officer. >> reporter: he attended the naval academy prep school, but tired of pretending, he came out and was discharged. he joined the fight to overturn don't ask, don't tell, testifying in the federal case against it. even attending the ceremony when presi
Jul 15, 2011 11:35pm PDT
brownies. in the granola bar aisle. >>> news that the navy s.e.a.l.s took a dog along to kill osama bin laden gave theheorld a glimpse of the incredible role pups now play in the military. what many don't know, though, is that dogs with comparable level of training are available for private use, at a price. and for abc's matt gutman, that is a "sign of the times." >> reporter: what can you buy for a quarter of a million dollars? a car? maybe a boat? a house? perhaps some jewelry. or a guard dog? you can call izzo ferocious. certainly scary. powerful. >> i'm a little terrified. >> reporter: but do not call him a guard dog. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: try the ultimate in luxury security. a nearly $230,000 member of canine royalty. a german shepherd able to switch from kill to cuddle in seconds. >> these are expensive family pets that know how to take care of business. >> reporter: that trait, plus perfect pedigree and a championship ranking, are all part of harrison prather's business here in aiken, south carolina, training the best of man's best friend. so what portion would you say o
Jul 4, 2011 11:00pm PDT
deep sea fishing expedition and tonight the mexican navy is still looking for several men still missing after that boat capsized. 43 people were on board the 115- foot charter. 27 passengers, 16 crew members. most of the passengers are from northern california. one of them is confirmed dead. seven others are still missing. that boat sank in the sea of cortez south of the town of san felipe. sharon chin talked to the wives of a number of the men on board and four brothers go on this trip every year. joe vazquez is in san diego that is helping the navy. >> this is supposed to be fun, the annual fishing expedition down to mexico. instead it turned into an international rescue effort. the coast guard helicopter arrived back here at the base at san diego. earlier today, the max can government talked about calling off the rescue and shift ting to a recovery mission. now they are back to calling it a rescue effort after a long time with american officials as they believe there's a chance the missing may still be alive. their skin is scorched, their bodies exhausted. these photos show t
Jul 14, 2011 4:00am EDT
neighbor. at the time of the murder, danial williams was 25 and a machinist's mate in the navy. he had been married for just 11 days. he and his wife nicole had thought they were expecting a child when they found out, to their dismay, that she was suffering from ovarian cancer. his parents were visiting them from michigan. >> my parents and nicole had gone to dinner, expecting me to join them shortly. >> narrator: williams left the apartment and drove himself to the police station. >> i expected to just answer some questions-- why was i the one to call 911 and not her husband? it was a half hour to 45 minutes into the questioning is when they started accusing me of raping and killing michelle bosko. >> narrator: they wanted him to take a polygraph test. he agreed. >> they told me that i had failed the polygraph test, and that i needed to start telling the truth about what i did. >> narrator: in fact, danial passed the test. >> but the police didn't tell him that he passed the test; the police told him that he failed the lie detector test. and that really began an intense interrogat
Jul 10, 2011 11:00pm PDT
it's possible they are still alive even after a week . >> the coast guard and the navy are pursuing this case as a rescue effort. we are still hopeful to find the seven missing men. >> reporter: 27 passengers were thrown into the sea after a freak thunderstorm capsized their boat. 19 made it to land after swimming for hours. >> i was in the water for 16 hours. >> reporter: many survivors clung to ice chests as they tried to reach land. >> i just saw huge waves and i think i was there nine to ten hours. . >> reporter: the coast guard has searched 4600 square miles of ocean and land. it's possible survivors could drift for miles, rescue teams believe some could be on a remote island. >> many of the islands are uninhabited, they are basically giant rocks in the ocean. >> reporter: a dive team is boeing brought in. it's reported they could search the sunken boat as early as tomorrow to see if the bodies of the missing men are inside. mexican investigators found the boat in about 223 feet of water. the coast guard said they are scheduled to help the navy search through tuesday but they w
Jul 29, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. >>> plus, first it was nasa and now the navy. a former astronaut is ousted again. we'll tell you about that. >>> and these were -- they get a will out of control. scarlet johansson is inviting a invitation to the marine corps ball. sergeant dustin williams posted a video on youtube last week asking her to be his date. she sent him a case of champagne, very, very nice of her and encouraged the men and women of the malone coarse to have yet in her absence. hi, we're looking to save some money on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> remember the ex-astronaut vanished from nasa after attacking a romantic rival? she was kicked out of the navy now. lisa novak will be forced to retire with an other than honorable disarm and after confro
Jul 4, 2011 6:30pm EDT
hour, the u.s. coast guard has joined mexico's navy, pulling survivors from the water. as this tragedy unfolds we're learning tonight of some remarkable stories of rur sieval. tourists swimming to shore clutching a cooler. it all happened about two miles off the coast near baja mexico and we begin with abby boudroau in mexico. >> reporter: these are the lucky ones, their tour boat cap sized in the middle of the night carrying 44 passengers and crew. there was no mayday call, for more than 12 hours no one was wear they were in trouble. the rescue operation beganhen a local fisherman spotted three survivors at sea. michael was one of two dozen americans on board. he and several come uponians managed to swim to safety. clinging to a cooler. >> they had life jackets on and didn't have time to put on life jackets, so that's a good thing. he's a strong swimmer. i'm really glad. >> reporter: also among the rescued, american lee on a fishing trip with his buddies. we reached his wife by telephone. >> somewhere around ten-ish my husbandalled and said that his boat was capsized, that he'
Jul 14, 2011 4:30am PDT
hoping to save the land mark hangar at moffett field. media partner reports the navy has used the giant hangar for decades and already paid to move the skin. they are removing the roof and walls and nazi is nasa -- is going to release a plan. >> and first time i came to work and was a beautiful morning. >> looking for a perfect friday. >> maybe he takes requests. >> free for thursday. [ laughter ] >> that went over well. she didn't laugh. >> the cold front came through yesterday and a little drier air mass. finally terry got to see the moon this morning. i ran into a drizzle but talk about temperatures. a little cooler this morning and the clouds wouldn't be nearly as thick. 52 in enemy and los gatos and everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. heading into the afternoon hours we'll see nor sunshine upper 50s along the coast and pockets of sunshine to low 50s and san francisco and richmond. then low to mid-70s as we head into the inland valleys. 64 at monterey. 66 in salinas and low to mid-70s gilroy and hollister. accu-weather seven day forecast, what you are going to see is cooler than
Jul 5, 2011 2:35am EDT
be cleaned up before more damage is done. neal karlinsky, abc news. >>> and the mexican navy is still searching for seven missing u.s. tourists whose fishing boat capsized off the coast. those lucky enough to survive the 10 are describing the harrowing hours before they were rescued or made it to shore. one passenger said he was afloat for 12 hours. another survivor, michael ng, told his wife he held on to a cooler. >> they had life jackets on. and they actually didn't have time to put on life jackets, so that's a good thing. he's a strong swimmer. >> crew members, we don't know how many crew members have been rescued and their locations. >> at least one american tourist died in this accident but mexican officials say they didn't have any information about that victim. >>> a north carolina woman is trying to figure out how a letter from her high school sweetheart wound up getting sold by a sports memorabilia house. here's the catch. the letter was from 18-year-old soon to be basketball legend michaell jordan. wtvd's lena ciao reports from north carolina. >> i see my letter. i'm thinki
Jul 17, 2011 9:00am EDT
people want the government money to reinvent the wheel? >> i would say you're right. our nuclear navy lives with small reactor spare our submarines and aircraft carriers have as many as commercial. the pentagon can spend as much money as they want. >> we do not know enough about the navy programs. if they were created by the admiral, and i went to him once to s, and teeth into lightly told me to mind my own business. >> -- and in politely told me to mind my own business. >> i cannot imagine. >> we are very proud of the best nuclear navy in the world, why can't we be just as proud of the best nuclear fleet. the french have the about their program. we have the only about our military program. why is there this disconnected >> the simplest way, using france as an example, the commercial program is a government program to credit the operators, the get -- program. at the operators, areva, their own by the government. when you have is the capital, commercial, competitive market, said the government can be a major help, and we can't expect them to. we will see reactors built in not reaching
Jul 12, 2011 12:30am PDT
guard completed its 7 7th search. there was still no sign of the missing fisherman of the the coast guard searched 5300 square miles of ocean and land since the navy requested assistance in the search effort. the 19 survivors left mexico. they are back home now with their families. we talk with one man who survived 18 hours otsea. >> -- at sea. >> reporter: this picture was taken before the trip. two of his cousins are still missing. they clung to a cooler for 18 hours after the 35-foot wave sunk the boat. >> nothing but three guys a cooler and empty sky. >> reporter: the men paddled for hours but because of the strong current only gained 2-3 feet. they helped each other stay alive. >> it was lonely. >> reporter: mexico fisherman found them and they survived orphcandy -- on candy. >> heaven. >> reporter: besides a sun burn physically he is doing fine and happy to be back home with his wife. kron 4 news. >>> high temperatures today. cool out there thanks to the fog. which is extensive through the afternoon. that's why temperatures were in the low 60s. fremont 71. 79 antioch. warmest location was only 60 degrees in san francisco. tomorrow we are going to see
Jul 19, 2011 6:00pm PDT
, it one that has about 50%. >> the israeli navy has boarded a ship on the way to the gaza strip. the boat has been escorted to the israeli port. the vessel was port of a flotilla that they free gosling movement had planned to send to the gaza strip from greece -- that the free kazakhstan -- free gaza movement had planned to sen. >> israeli vessel surrounded in international waters. >> they received directives from the government to board the boat, which the navy did a very professional manner. >> none of the 16 passengers and crew resisted, and they remain in custody. israel has vowed to stop any breach of the naval blockade to prevent arms from reaching the gaza strip. residents there are outraged. >> if there is nothing suspicious on board, why would they prevent the ship from reaching gaza? there are no weapons or bombs on board. >> it will be detained, where the passengers will undergo questioning. some of them may be deported. >> a human rights activists has been able to take part in ceremonies honoring her murdered father, who is considered a hero. she made a brief appearance a
Jul 10, 2011 9:00pm EDT
? >> i just got out of the military. >> you got out of the military. what branch? >> the navy. >> the navy. and where did you serve in the navy? >> well, at first i was stationed in washington. >> in washington. >> been deployed like two, three times. >> did you see any action? >> yeah. >> did you go to the war? >> i was the first one to go, when it first happened? >> in iraq? >> yeah. >> now, as a member of the united states military, there's a code of honor. >> uh-huh. >> did you break that code tonight? >> i'd say in some ways, yeah. >> in some ways yes. >> yeah. but in other ways, i would say no because i really haven't, you know, actually -- >> but ronnell, you're a grown man -- >> yeah. >> -- showing up with alcohol to meet a 13-year-old girl home alone. how does that look? >> bad. >> after you reread that transcript, you feel a little less sorry for these guys. >> you say, "well, i'm in for whatever. i'm not scary. i don't have no girlfriend. you should be my little mammy." what does that mean? >> that's just a little joke. >> a little joke. >> i didn't know how she took it ser
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